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Joe McNally Signature Range

Joe McNally is an internationally acclaimed photographer whose career has spanned 30 years and included assignments in over 50 countries. He has shot cover stories for TIME, Newsweek, Fortune, New York, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, and Men’s Journal. He has been a contract photographer for Sports Illustrated, a staff photographer at LIFE, and, currently, an on going 23-year contributor to the National Geographic. Joe was listed by American Photo as one of the 100 Most Important People in Photography and described by the magazine as “perhaps the most versatile photojournalist working today”. He has been honoured as a member of Kodak-PDN Legends Online, as well as being a Nikon Legend Behind the Lens. In 2010, he was voted as one of the 30 most influential photographers of the decade in an industry wide Photo District News survey.

Joe McNally TriGrip

The Joe McNally 90cm TriGrip system features a 2-stop diffuser panel, a TriFlip reflector sleeve and a window mask sleeve.

Joe McNally Ezybox

The Joe McNally Ezybox Hotshoe is a new addition to our highly acclaimed softbox range for battery operated flashguns. Unlike our existing range of Ezybox Hotshoe softboxes, the Joe McNally version features a white interior rather than silver which offers...

Joe McNally TriFlash

The Joe McNally TriFlash is the latest addition to our successful TriFlash range. Joe’s version of this product features unique rotating shoe mounts.

Joe McNally UpLite

The Joe McNally UpLite features two 120cm x 90cm (4’ x3’) double sided reflectors (silver/white and Sunlite/soft silver) plus a 120cm x 90cm (4’ x3’) 2 stop diffuser panel. Any combination of these panels can be paired up to form a floor level...

Joe McNally Skylite Rapid

The Joe McNally Skylite Rapid is for the location photographer who needs lighting control in the most demanding situations.

Joe McNally Ezybox Speed-Lite Plus

The Joe McNally Ezybox Speed-Lite Plus is a 22cm x 22cm mini soft box which attaches directly on to a flashgun.

Joe McNally 4 in 1 Umbrella

The Joe McNally 4 in 1 Umbrella ultimate umbrella offering more versatility than any other umbrella of its size on the market.